This wiki complements the reference work, Introduction to Basic Legal Citation, which resides online at: http://www.law.cornell.edu/citation/ and can be downloaded in several e-book formats from http://www.access-to-law.com/citation/. The wiki offers an open space for users of that work to raise questions, pose comments, elaborate upon its introductory treatment, or extend its coverage to additional types of material or jurisdictions. While the author will consult the wiki regularly and is committed to reviewing it carefully when updating Basic Legal Citation, this is primarily not an "ask the author" or "tell the author" forum. It aims rather to provide a framework that will allow those teaching and learning about legal citation, as well as professionals confronting an unfamiliar citation challenge, to discuss, extend and improve the underlying work.


The wiki's initial organization reflects that of the online reference on which it is based. Pages for each of Basic Legal Citation's major portions provide an opportunity for those who wish to elaborate on or expand its contents. That can be done by editing the appropriate page. Those pages also allow anyone wanting to pose a question or post some other form of comment on the treatment of a topic in Basic Legal Citation to do so. The wiki's discussion and comment features provide the mechanism.
Users are also welcome to add fresh pages to the wiki either to gather commentary on a subject not dealt with by Basic Legal Citation or to break out of its structure for some other reason.

Advice on the Wiki itself:

If you see ways this wiki itself might be better organized or otherwise improved, either make the changes directly or send your suggestions to: peter.martin@cornell.edu